Draw consumers in with an immersive viewing experience

In today’s world, everywhere you look there are more things demanding your attention. In order to cut through the noise, businesses have had to adjust their signage to better capture consumers’ attention. Eye-catching video walls have become the go-to solution, allowing businesses across markets to make a big impression on their target audience. Whether these walls are conveying important information like transportation times or allowing retailers to showcase new products in an amazing way, video walls are a powerful solution for cutting-edge information delivery.

Why use video wall for your business?

Every business is different – which is why GST provides a range of video wall options so that you can find the solution that meets your unique business needs. Our video wall displays all deliver cutting-edge UHD picture quality and proven reliable performance, but come in a variety of bezel widths so you get exactly what you’re looking for. As an added bonus, all of our displays are easy to install, further reducing complexity for business owners.

Customization & flexibility

Unlike traditional signage or video screens, video walls allow businesses to customize the perfect solution for their specific needs. They can be configured to specific sizes, shapes and resolutions to provide the best fit for each unique business environment.

Delivery of mixed content

Each display unit in a video wall can accept and process different signals, so businesses can display multiple types of content simultaneously on a single video wall. Each content source can be displayed on any part of the video wall, it allows for greater flexibility in content options.

Clear presentation even up close

Video walls have a constant pixel density regardless of the array size; enlarging the array just increases the overall resolution of the video wall. This means that video walls allow for brilliant imagery even when viewed at a close distance.


Video wall displays allow users to capture their audiences’ attention without breaking the bank. Video walls have greater screen area per unit cost than other types of displays, so they can help businesses increase their exposure without incurring investment costs.


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