Simple Steps to Ensure That You Receive Critical Communications From Golden Star Technology, Inc.

To make sure emails are delivered to your inbox, and not to your “Spam” or “Junk Email” folder(s), please be sure to use the following process to help manage or add Golden Star Technology, Inc. to your list of trusted senders. To do so, we encourage you to consult your company information technology department for instructions on how to whitelist through your company spam filter.

If you are already familiar with how to whitelist emails you are currently receiving and you are ready to begin, please be aware of email addresses from which we frequently send messaging:


What is whitelisting?
Whitelisting is an email security protocol that allows emails to be able to be classified as either “accepted” or “denied” to allow/restrict messages based on the address used by the sender. Whitelisting requires users to identify those email addresses and input them into their email delivery preferences to determine if email communications are trusted and then apply the appropriate actions. 

Why should I whitelist?
Email spammers have become increasingly sophisticated and often circumvent traditional controls to deliver copious amounts of unwanted junk into email systems. By whitelisting companies that you would like communications from, you enable these messages to bypass protocols that are designed to prevent common types of spam email communications. Whitelisting can make sure that communications from trusted companies, like Golden Star Technology, Inc., can be delivered successfully to your email box, while spam and potentially harmful emails continue to be denied or restricted.