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NVIDIA GTC is a FREE transformative global event, bringing together brilliant, creative minds looking to ignite ideas, build new skills, and forge new connections to take on our biggest challenges. This event will be taking place April 12 – 16, 2021, kicking off with keynote speaker, CEO and Founder Jensen Huang. Join the keynote:

Join us at NVIDIA GTC 2021 to learn how GST and NVIDIA partnered up to provide high-performance edge computing platforms to accelerate customers’ time to market and enable next-generation applications like autonomous driving and advanced robotics.

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Edge-to-Cloud AI/ML Capabilities in Space with Spaceborne Computer-2 

Date & Time: Monday, April 12th  |  10 AM (PST)
Presenter: Mark Fernandez – Director, Public Sector Channels and Alliances at HPE

As part of the NVIDIA Partner Network program and an HPE Platinum partner, GST would like to invite you to join our session with HPE’s Spaceborne Computer-2 installed on the ISS and available for use by government, educational, commercial and industrial partners, the possibilities for improving time-to-insight across a breadth of disciplines are immense.  Ruggedized specifically for the Edge and “HARDened with SOFTware”, the state-of-the-art Spaceborne computers also feature a GPU for AI and ML processing.  This presentation will summarize the available computing resources, cover the current status of Spaceborne Computer and provide an overview of completed experiments.  These experiments potentially include gene sequence analysis, radar signal processing, traditional modeling and simulation, and bursting “down to the cloud” on Earth.

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