Manage the Complexity of Delivering a Modernized Employee Experience at a Predictable Budget

Device as a Service (DaaS) featuring the Intel vPro® platform is designed to move business forward. The Intel vPro® platform is designed for business and built to perform, making it a best-in-class technology for DaaS. Partnering with Intel® technology’s DaaS, allows us to offer enhanced asset lifecycle management with solutions personalized to each environment, providing appropriate technology tools and responsive support for continued uptime.

What is Device as a Service?

Key Benefits of DaaS

Hardware Tailored

GST’s end DaaS solution helps different types of collaboration and stay productive. In addition to the need for collaboration, your staff needs devices that are tailored to their specific needs. DaaS lets you choose the right device mix for everyone’s needs.

Modernized PC Management 

Gain visibility across your entire organization and proactively identify and fix potential health and security issues. GST experts perform daily management and monitoring to keep your team’s devices secure and up to date.

Reduce Costs

Everyone’s needs are unique, but at the same time cost-savings and better cost-predictability are high on everyone’s agenda. DaaS lets you tailor your solution to meet your needs, with costs metered on a single price per device basis.

Our Offerings

  • Fully customizable options for business laptops, desktops, and workstations powered by Intel vPro™ technology
  • Options for software
  • Best-in-class services that span support, asset return, and optional deployment
  • A Project Manager assigned to you as the single point of contact for the life of the project.

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